My Application Got Sent Back To Me! (I'm Not Surprised)

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

UPDATE 18/10/18

For the people that didn't see my other update, I found someone to sign my provisional driving license two weeks ago. I wasn't too excited, because I knew full damn well that it was going to be rejected and sent back for some reason. Nothing has ever gone smoothly for me in my whole life. So, to no surprise, today in the post I received my provisional driving license back, all folded up with scribbles, dots and red circles all over it. Enclosed was a brief letter explaining why my application was rejected. It read 'The person who verified your identity has not fully filled in section headed 'Signing a photo to verify identity' on your application form. And, after checking, my counter-signatory had forgotten to put his profession on and work number. I clenched my fist. 'Fuck' i thought to myself. This is what happens when you live in poverty and have to rely on other people constantly. Its no existence. Also to add, the part where I ticked no to having serious medical conditions has been circled in dark red ink, maybe suggesting that I'm lying. Maybe I'm just exhausted with all of this pathetic bureaucracy so reading too much into it, but can you blame me for being skeptical? First thing in the morning I will get the person who signed my form to fill the two tiny boxes in that even with a magnifying glass would look small, and then I'll send it off yet again. Another fiver on recorded delivery. I'll keep you all updated. Thank you so much for reading and keeping me going! - Michelle


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