The DWP Gave Me The Money I Was Owed

Updated: May 18

'Patience is the key to success' - Bill Gates

Yes, you read the title right and I was just as shocked as you are right now when I received the money into my bank. The morning that I received it, after checking my bank balance, grinned a smug smile and ordered a huge KFC while listening to 50 Cent's 'Straight To The Bank' (class tune.) I was going to update you all earlier about this but originally felt maybe it wouldn't be wise to tell the internet that I got a large amount of money, but, after a serious think about it, have come to the conclusion that sharing this news will further show how messed up and unfair the benefit 'system' really is, the fact that I was on the wrong benefit for 8 FECKING YEARS and wouldn't have realized if it wasn't for the whole prescription drama. In this article I will not be disclosing the exact amount that I received, all I am going to say is that its a four figure amount.

For the people just joining me on my blog today, please read this article here which explains the events leading up to this. In short, I was harassed for over 5 months from the NHS prescriptions service who were adamant that I owed them hundreds of pounds because I had been claiming free prescriptions for many years. Despite explaining that I have never worked, or, as they put it, 'paid contributions' the NHS prescriptions lot just wouldn't have it. They said despite having sympathy for my situation they could only go off what the computer system in front of them said. This immense pressure ruined my Christmas as I ended up forking out large amounts of money to them and hardly sleeping as they were threatening to take me to court. So unfair. This is yet another example of how the benefit system dose NOT give a single thought to people with mentalhealth problems at all, but most of us know this already. The medication that I am prescribed is strong mentalhealth tablets that decrease my suicidal thoughts and depression yet I was charged for this for months? This is so dangerous. Luckily I am a very strong, determined person that can't be easily bullied but if it was someone else maybe the pressure would have gotten to them and they would have felt guilty for needing medication and ended their life. Due to how little mental health support available these days things like that are a reality.

I have read that the NHS prescriptions service have been falsely accusing thousands of people of prescription fraud when it simply isn't the case and many other people have written about how scared it made them feel. Read the article here.

I got my large back payment from the DWP about three weeks ago who wrote to me a few days afterwards to confirm that my benefit was to be changed. Phew. What a relief and what a good result!! So, people, this just proves that you CAN get what you are owed from these people as I got both my money from the NHS and the DWP back this year. You just need to be determined and persistent. Keep notes, write everything these people say down to refer to it later as these people often change what they say to suit themselves.

This money has totally changed my life. I now have quite substantial savings, enough money to buy a passport, go on local holidays, money to eat comfortably each week and money to buy new clothes when I feel like it. I can afford an internet package, a mobile phone package, a netflix subscription and various dating website prescriptions each month quite comfortably. I no longer need to worry about how I will be able to afford to eat AND pay all the bills each month. I no longer count my twenty pence coins before I go for the bus. I no longer worry about how much pasta sauce I have left to last the rest of the week. I am writing, playing computer games, buying clothes, going for shopping, going for coffees with people, making new friends and actually truly enjoying my life for the first time ever. It feels so amazing. I can safely say that I am going to be fairly comfortable for the rest of my life and, you know what? I feel that I deserve it. I deserve to have nice things in my life as for most of my life all I've really been focused on is helping other people, inspiring other people ad trying to campaign to fix the broken mentalhealth system that's taken away so many of my loved ones. I've been through so much shit in my life that I feel it's about time something really positive happened to me so that I can actually just live life instead of just about surviving as traumatic events happen again and again. No doubt another traumatic event will happen in my life, but for now, I am living life to the full, eating well, sleeping well and making some nice memories. I'll it there, thank you for reading and remember to never give up. Things do get better.

Peace, Michelle.


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