I can help you and motivate you to improve in the key areas below: 


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This Video Explains What My Coaching Is And Is NOT

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My life coaching is a little different.   It is a unique mix of motivational guidance, counselling and support work all in one.  Unlike other coaches, I focus more on the future and working on making the best out of the present moment and moving foreard rahtr

For everyone, I offer a completely free 1 hour introduction session before the paid regular sessions. You can request this by using the contact form at the bottom of this page or email me at michelletorez2@gmail.com after this session, you can arrange to see me regularly for coaching or just as and when you need it. 

What Days Do  Motivational Coaching/Counselling?

Monday 8.30am to 7pm
Tuesday 8.30am to 7pm


* Achieving your hopes and dreams

*Maintaining or developing new hobbies and interests

* Maintaining, repairing or making new friends

* Improving Self Esteem 

* Understanding and making sense of the past

* Managing difficult emotions

* Support to go to college, university or look for work

* Support to cook basic meals, clean and budget

How Much Is It After The First Session?

Online Coaching Session- £15 (1 hour session)

Online Coaching Session-  £25  (90 Minute session)


In Person Coaching Session- £35 (90 minute session)

*In person coaching costs more due to the travel involved, public transport, taxi etc)

You can book/buy blocks in advance as far as you'd like, and I will reserve them for you. 


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