Michelle Torez is an established author, artist, mentalhealth campaigner and musician. She has won various national and international writing awards. Her style is often described as 'extremely dark, gritty and brutally honest'. She is a dedicated, passionate mental health campaigner fighting for better mental health treatment in the UK. Michelle has endured so much trauma and abuse in her life she has became an inspiration for many people. Her poetry book 'Broken Doll' was ranked in the top 1,000 for poetry books on Amazon UK. Filled with dark imagery and her brutally raw  depiction of abuse in the NHS mental health system, it is an emotional onslaught from the very first page. In 2009 she came 3rd place nationally for Fiction with The Koestler Trust writing competition with her short story 'Interaction Is Pain'. She has had various poems published in both national and international poetry magazines. She is currently working on her autobiography about her horrific life experiences. 

Michelle was born in October 1994 in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. She was brought up by her lone father due to her mother having serious mental health problems. At the tender age of twelve following a mental breakdown, Michelle got locked away for a total of eight years in the the inhumane mentalhealth system.  She states that the worst abuse she has ever endured took place while she was kept locked up for 5 years in ‘Roycroft Clinic’ between the ages of 12 and 17. This was a unit in Newcastle Upon Tyne where she was subjected to both mental and sexual abuse. Michelle had to witness boiling hot water being thrown at children, children being starved, touched sexually and so much more. She still has recurring nightmares about this. Luckily many staff got sacked for child abuse.The newspaper articles on this are still available to read-type ‘Roycroft Clinic Newcastle’ into google if you’d like to read about this.  Michelle has gone to publish a full length poetry collection about this harrowing period in her life, called 'Broken Doll' which has sold very well on Amazon UK, earning over 20 five star reviews. This unit is where Michelle wrote most of the poems that feature in the collection 'Broken Doll', she describes this collection of work as 'badly written' but refers to the book as 'a closed chapter in her life'


Due to having this conviction and other mentalhealth related convictions, Michelle has been unable to gain employment and is banned for life for most jobs. The uk mentalhealth system rips peoples lives apart.  In early 2018 Michelle has been given a criminal conviction for contacting her local crisis team 'when not in need'  following her grieving over a friend's suicide.


Michelle is a survivor. She has been through so many traumatic events in her life, one after the other, yet she still find the strength within herself to campaign to help others.  She has been abused both sexually and mentally by so called 'caring professionals', assaulted, stabbed, homeless, and has lost various people to suicide and so much more.  She has now become a dedicated campaigner.

Michelle currently lives in Leeds and is studying for a BA (Hons) in English Literature & Creative Writing with The Open University and plans  to go on to do an MA in Creative Writing at Durham University.  She is working on her debut autobiographical novel which is on course for a likely March/April 2021 release through a major publisher.

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