I Care.

Author. Motivational Life Coach. 

I was just twelve years old. I hadn't even started my period, yet I was brutally thrown head first into the UK mental health system. Subjected to sexual and mental abuse for seven years before my release, this book details what exactly went on, and how I actually survived.

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I am an experienced motivational speaker and life coach. I care and want to make a difference.

For everyone I offer a completley free 1 hour taster session, so we can get to know each other a bit and you can tell me what you'd like to work on. I will then go away and come up with a draft eight week plan of goals I'd like to work on with you, if you choose to continue.


*UPDATED 2021 Complete Edition*
From hand holding and passionate love making to feeling suicidal after going with escorts and preparing for a loved one's death, this gritty poetry and artwork collection is the epitome of raw and intimate writing. This has been my life.

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I will fight for better mental health services until the day that I die. I care. 

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In this extremely intimate collection of poetry and artwork, Michelle explores love, sex, promiscuity, grief and looks at how these all combine together in the highs and lows of human relationships. This collection shines light on the dark side of intimacy, sex , love and the human condition.

A brutally honest, raw collection of poetry accompanied with original artwork. This collection pours desperation, confusion and anger as Michelle describes spending her entire childhood from just twelve years old sectioned, trapped in psychiatric units being subjected to tortuous abuse. This book will open your eyes to what really goes on in the mental health system.

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