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Tory upsetter, author, artist & mental health campaigner


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In this extremely intimate collection of poetry and artwork, Michelle explores love, sex, promiscuity, grief and looks at how these all combine together in the highs and lows of human relationships. CLICK HERE TO BUY OR READ ALL REVIEWS

Five Star Reviews From Amazon

"What is the best thing you can do with the traumatic experiences you have been through in your early life? Transform them into art, literature and drawing. Michelle is proving once again that she's very talented, her poems are brutally honest and to those who know her she's definitely an inspiration. Totally recommend this book."

"If all poetry were this human and raw then I would read it all of the time! Michelle’s words and imagery are powerful and perfectly written in a way that I have not experienced from a book of poetry before! This is the ideal follow-up to Broken Dolls and I eagerly anticipate the next collection of raw emotion that certainly touched me and made me think!
Please buy this book and, once you’ve read and reread it, share it with people you love." 


Young children were abused by care staff for years and years and got left to rot in the community once released.  This poetry book will open your eyes to what really goes on in the UK mentalhealth system.


                           Five Star Reviews From Amazon


''Raw insight into a harrowing time in a vulnerable girls life. Each poem pulls you deeper into her pain but in amongst the words is also her strength to fight. She survived and her poems tell us her story.''

'Broken Doll by Michelle Torez is an emotive book of modern poetry. The book has an underlying theme that illuminates the tragic lack of support mental health problems receive by the conservative Government'