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Michelle Torez

Author. Motivational Speaker. Abuse Survivor.

I was just twelve years old. I hadn't even started my period, yet I was brutally thrown head first into the UK mental health system. Subjected to sexual and mental abuse for seven years before my release, this book details what exactly went on, and how I actually survived.

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*Upcoming Memoir*



My Poetry Books- All five star rated on Amazon!

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Short Story Collection
*Coming Soon*


What is it, to be Human? What drives a human being to do 'bad' things? What does it mean to be bad? What does freedom look like? How does one human's answer compare to the next? My debut short story collection explores all of these themes through contrast, conflict, metephor and humour. 

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I created a group on Facebook that aims to be a safe space for people that have been let down by corrupt UK mental health services or, are wanting to get involved fighting for better mental health services in the UK.

In this group you can tell your story, make friends, feel less lonely and campaign together




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